‘Reword it’

We all know what bullying is. We all know that in society today, cyber bullying is probably cyber-bullying-122156_1280the most prevalent type of bullying. And I’m sure that most of us have seen firsthand the type of hurt and damage that can be caused, just from one post on Facebook, or one private message.

In my experience, often cyber bullying can come from a single, badly worded, ill-thought out message – often it is a complete misunderstanding. And in other situations, emotions such as anger or hurt lead to people lashing out on social media, hurting other people in the moment – people they never meant to hurt.

This second one is a big thing. As we all know, once something is posted o
n the internet, it is there forever. It’s not something that can be erased and forgotten completely. And so when I was watching TV this morning, I saw an advertisement that really caught my eye and I couldn’t help but to research it further.

The ad was about ‘Reword‘. Reword is a tool (you can download it) that helps prevent cyberbullying and internet abuse. It does this by identifying hurtful words in real time. Basically, as you type, if it identifies a word (such as idiot, or stupid, or much worse) it will put a red line through the phrase, and come up with a warning about its potential impact on the person you are writing to. Try or download it here.

I think this is a great tool. Something that parents can download on their computers when their children start using social media to make sure they think about what they are saying. It’s not available on phones yet, but it is still relatively new, and so hopefully it takes off, because I think it could really work as an educational tool.

Image: CCO Public Domain


2 thoughts on “‘Reword it’

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