Technology Use vs. Integration


Reading through the learning paths, I found the page about Technology Use and Technology Integration extremely interesting. I think the part about it that intrigued me the most was the fact that so many teachers I have seen (both when I was at school and during professional experience) simply use technology because it is there. Many times I have seen a teacher who isn’t ready or prepared for a class, so they booked a laptop trolley (old school, I know!), googled a quick webquest relevant to the subject they teach, and let the kids go for a lesson.

Now I understand that a webquest can be a great learning activity – provided it is highly relevant, requires some higher order thinking, and is properly prepared. But making the students do one purely because they have a laptop – this is surely a perfect example of technology use over integration.

In their blog, Aditi Rao has created a table to show some clear differentiation between the two concepts, and I am definitely going to save this, and make reference to it when finishing Assignment 2, and also in the future.


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